The Coordinator is responsible for representing the CIIAS, directing the meetings of the Scientific Committee, preparing the annual budget, the annual report and plan of activities, preparing the Internal Rules, ensuring the management of human and material resources, and for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

The Coordinator may appoint up to two people: co-coordinators, who give support in the management of the Center's activities.

The Coordination Committee

The Coordination Committee is constituted by the Coordinator, the Co-Coordinator/s and the Heads of Research Groups. This Committee is responsible for the articulation and communication between the Research Groups and the Coordination, as well as for supporting the development of the CIIAS’s management tools.

The Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up of all the effective members of the CIIAS. Its core competencies relate to the strategic organization and promotion of Center activities, in accordance with the Regulation.

Research Groups

The CIIAS is organized in two Research Groups, according to the themes and fields of the projects:

. Clinical Research

. Educational Research