On the 16th of March 2018 took place at IPS the first meeting of the project CFD4CHEESE (Application of computational fluid dynamics in the optimization of traditional cheeses ripening conditions).

All partners (IPBeja/ESA IPBeja/ESTIG, IPSetúbal/CINEA, IPPortalegre and CEBAL) were present and show their motivation and desire to start this new project.

Prof João Garcia and Prof Luís Coelho from CINEA were present has partners of the project. The main task of CINEA will be the application and development of Computational Fluid Dynamics to the optimization of the cheese ripening chamber.

The objective of the project is to obtain a detailed knowledge regarding the production of traditional cheese in Alentejo, a larger knowledge of the social tissue around, evaluate the economic potential, characterize the environmental parameters inside the ripening room and evaluate its influence on the properties of the final product. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) will be applied on the study of the main environmental parameters inside the ripening room, making this the first step towards the homogenization of ripening conditions. With the CFD results and optimization a new ripening room will be developed.

The meeting was a success and all the partners were pleased to be able to contribute to this innovative project. Everyone left the meeting aware of their duties and objectives, conscious that the success of the project depends of each partner commitment.