Prof João Garcia and Prof Luís Coelho from CINEA were present by in the SCORES consortium meeting in Brussels, Belgium, for the kick-off meeting in 8th to 10th November 2017, as partners of the project.

In this meeting partners introduced themselves and discussed the planned activities within the work packages. The kick-off meeting is a great opportunity for partners to meet each other face-to-face and to establish successful cooperation.

The SCORES project aims is to develop and demonstrate in the field a building energy system including new compact hybrid storage technologies, that optimizes supply, storage and demand of electricity and heat in residential buildings, increasing self-consumption of local renewable energy in residential buildings at the lowest cost. Combination and optimization of multi-energy generation, storage and consumption of local renewable energy (electricity and heat) brings new sources of flexibility to the grid and giving options for tradability and economic benefits, enabling reliable operation with a positive business case in Europe’s building stock.