DECIdE Project wins the 16th Poliempreende Regional Prize

The DECIdE project coordinated by member Nelson Carriço of INCITE wins the Regional Prize of the 16th edition of the Poliempreende contest. The project also includes the participation of members Bruno Ferreira and Raquel Barreira.

Poliempreende is a competition of ideas and business plans that aims to promote the entrepreneurial culture and foster the creation of knowledge-based companies, thus contributing to regional development. Poliempreende's main objective is to instill and stimulate entrepreneurship, as well as providing professional opportunities, preferably through the creation of their own jobs.

It is a project designed to promote a change in the attitudes of the academic actors participating in them, inducing them to incorporate in their regular activities the development and application of methods for the valorization of the knowledge generated. At the same time it contributes to the curricular enrichment of its participants.

It is oriented to give society and the economy a strong and serious contribution, through the establishment of innovative companies and regional implantation, which can be put into practice and, also, for the promotion of entrepreneurship in the regions of influence of educational institutions. polytechnic and SMEs created within the framework of Poliempreende.


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