About Us

CINEA - Centre for Energy and Environment Research is a R&D centre that promotes and develops scientific and technical research in the areas of energy and environment.

CINEA seeks to integrate a multi- and interdisciplinary approach that allows the analysis, development and application of scientific methodologies and tools that contribute with scientific knowledge to the society, education and to the provision of specialized services to community.

Inside the IPS strategy, the Center for Energy and Environment Research (CINEA) was created in 2016 by the IPS, according with the Regulamento Interno n.º 112 de 2013, as the result of 20 years of experience in international and national projects management and publishing in energy and environment, important research activity to the Sustainable Energy Systems, Circular Economy and Technologies for the Environment.

The research center pretends to reinforce the positioning of researchers from Universities of Applied Sciences and Polytechnic Institutions in a research of excellence and in a continuous strategy of closeness with the regional and national organization needs. The two main areas of R&D to be developed at the research center are:

1) Sustainable energy systems;
2) Environmental Science and Technology.