Mission, vision and goals


The mission of CIIAS is to promote, develop and disseminate applied research in health through the production and dissemination of relevant scientific knowledge, addressing health and societal needs.


CIIAS aims to establish itself as a center for excellence in interdisciplinary health research and to expand its network of partnerships with other national and international research teams and units.


The main goals of CIIAS are:

  • To develop research activities applied to health;
  • To contribute to the health care innovation of the surrounding populations by incorporating technical and technological innovations and mobilizing knowledge to teaching;
  • To promote innovative responses to the health needs of populations;
  • To collaborate with healthcare and educational institutions or other institutions interested in the development of health knowledge;
  • To establish national and international partnerships in order to expand networks;
  • To disseminate research by publishing and organizing scientific meetings, seminars, conferences, training and other events;
  • To promote and participate in specialized health services to the community.