Prof João Garcia from CINEA was present on the second CONSOLFOOD conference “CONSOLFOOD 2018” that took place in Institute of Engineering, University of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal, on 22nd to 24th January, 2018.

The conference was about the application of solar energy in cooking, dehydration and solar thermal food processing. Between sixty and eighty people attended the lectures, poster sessions, and a round table discussion about solar thermal food processing over the three-day conference.

During the conference Prof João Garcia made a presentation entitled “DryEcoMate an Horticultural dehydrator, using solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, low cost production, modular and portable” The presentation was about a Horticultural dehydrator developed by CINEA for the enterprise Synforege Lda and consists of an energy-efficient, low-cost, modular, and portable dehydrator that works exclusively with renewable energy, namely solar thermal and photovoltaic and can operate independently of the instant weather conditions.

The presentation was very well received and the assistants expressed great interest in the DryEcoMate dehydrator.

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