OSTRAQUAL meets after 6 months of project at the IPS

On the 6th of July 2018 OSTRAQUAL project team meets at IPS for a meeting with the partners in order to present some results of the project and planning the next semester.

All partners (IPSetúbal/CINEA, IPBeja/ESA, IPMA/EPPO and IPMA/EEMT and the companies involved in the project in the Sado and Mira rivers) were present and show their ideas.

Prof Ricardo Salgado, Prof Ana Mata, Prof Cédric Grueau and Catarina Vieira from CINEA were present in the meeting. The actual contribution of CINEA to the project was presented with some partial results obtained until this first 6 months of the project. All the other partners show also some results, what they were doing and what could be the potential outcomes of their contribution to the project. The IPSetúbal tasks in the project involve the oyster aquaculture mapping in the Sado and Mira rivers, to study the oyster growth, the water quality of the estuary along the year by on-line monitoring with an innovative system of process the information to the companies; the IPBeja tasks are mostly related with the nutritional and sensorial analysis to the oysters produced in the Sado and Mira rivers and the IPMA (Olhão and Tavira) are studying the reproduction cycle of the Portuguese oyster in the Mira river as well as the species that can interact with the oyster. All this work was only possible with the close collaboration with the companies Neptunpearl, Lda, Bivalsado, Lda and Viveiros Rio Mira, Lda.

The meeting was a success and all the partners were pleased to be able to contribute to this innovative project. Everyone left the meeting aware of their activities and schedule, conscious that the success of the project depends of each partner commitment.